Tutor’s queries FAQ's

  • How to get a tutoring job?

    When client request tutor, you will get email notification and please login to tutorland account reply client for confirmation.

  • Let us know that you are qualified to be a tutor.
    Online register and upload all the required legitimate documents at Your User Dashboard.
    Once your registration is approved, your profile will be activated and you’ll be ready to tutor any subject.

  • You will be receiving your paycheck on a per month basis (usually end of a month) starting from the day the first lesson has been conducted. Parents will pay directly to us.
    If client insist use cash, please help client login to tutorland account and make online payment. Failing to do so will greatly reduce your credibility and may result in your account being suspended.

  • We need your copy of NRIC , academic certification(s), recent utility bill and bank statement (header with bank name & A/C no. is sufficient)  to process your registration.
    This is important for us to verify your identity and qualification before offering you any tutoring task. Of course, we need your bank A/C no. to pay you your earning!
    No worry, your information security is our No.1 priority! Your information will be kept safe and controlled under our Privacy Policy. 
    For safety, you are encouraged to put water marks on each document and label on it for registration purposes. 

  • 1) Physical Class (First RM500 Tutor Fee)

    • Primary1-6: RM16.80/hour, Brain Memory Course: RM36.00/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM18.80/hour, Form4-5/SPM: RM21.20/hour, IGCSE & O level: RM23.20/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM26.80/hour, Diploma: RM30.00/hour, Degree: RM33.60/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM40.00/hour

    2) Online Class (First RM500 Tutor Fee)

    • Primary1-6: RM10.00/hour, Brain Memory Course: RM22.00/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM12.00/hour, Form4-5/SPM/IGCSE/o-level: RM14.00/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM15.20/hour, Diploma: RM16.00/hour, Degree: RM17.20/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM20.00/hour

    3) Physical Class (From the RM501 Tutor Fee onward)

    • Primary1-6: RM35.28/hour, Brain Memory Course: RM75.60/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM39.48/hour, Form4-5/SPM: RM44.52/hour, IGCSE: RM48.72/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM56.28/hour, Diploma: RM63.00/hour, Degree: RM70.56/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM84/hour

    4) Online Class (From the RM501 Tutor Fee onward)

    • Primary1-6: RM21.00/hour, Brain Memory Course: RM46.20/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM25.20/hour, Form4-5/SPM/IGCSE: RM29.40/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM31.92/hour, Diploma: RM33.60/hour, Degree: RM36.12/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM42.00/hour

    This may be subjected to change based on seasonal demand, subject popularity and tutor density in an area. The payout gives all tutors an equal chance to teach with Tutorland and provides
    us an opportunity to identify passionate tutors, which we will be building a long term strategic partnership with them.

  • You may terminate a tutoring lesson with solid reason that in line with our Terms of Use: 8.0 Cancellation or Termination of Tuition Job.

    Other than that, you are not allowed to do so. 

  • Yes with consent from parents and Tutorland. For tuition that has been active for more than 2 weeks, tutors are expected to commit lessons at the assigned details. However, if postponements to the entire course had to be made, you have to terminate the lesson and we require you to inform both parents and Tutorland at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

  • Yes. All changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson with the consent from parents and TUTORLAND.

    TUTORLAND encourage Tutors and Parents/Students to reschedule and made necessary changes on the ongoing session if any complications arise.

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