Student’s inquiry FAQ's

  • Can request for refund?

    Depend reason of request, please contact customer service and after confirmed please wait for 5-7 working days.

  • For home tutoring, parents can choose to have the tutor to your house or send your kid to the tutor’s house.
    For online private tutoring, it will be conducted using Zoom, Google Meet or Webex.

    We will design a customized lesson based on what area that your kids need improvement on. Our tutor will evaluate your kid’s current proficiency in a subject and adjust the lesson difficulty accordingly.

    Parents are encouraged to state your expectations as well.

  • Yes you can! Tutorland treats the credibility of our tutor very seriously. Every Tutorland tutor undergoes strict screening processes by verifying their identity, and education background.

    If you are not satisfied with a particular tutor, do not hesitate to let us know. We will take action and rearrange a better one for your kid.

  • Please login to Tutorland account and make payment via online Transfer/ Card payment / Touch N Go ewallet

    ** Cash is not acceptable.

  • STEP 1:
    Just fill in your need, example location,subject and more then click search, tutors profile will show out for choose

    STEP 2:
    After choose, pls select a subject, date and time, and proceed to pay, our tutor will contact you between 24 hours for confirmation to start

  • No…Our services are COMPLETELY FREE for parents and students. You are required to pay only for the lesson conducted.

  • Yes, parents/students should give TUTORLAND and your tutor a 2 weeks notice prior to the termination date, so we are aware of the situation. Parents/Students are required to clear up any outstanding fees before the class ends, to avoid any misunderstanding. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need any assistance!

    More details about terminating a lesson are described in our Terms Of Use: 8.0 Cancellation or Termination of Tuition Job. 

  • Yes, For purchase RM2000 class to get RM88 extra cash rebate, can combine orders within 24 hours, after paid please request from customer service

  • You can change:
    1. Change tutor (2 weeks notice is required)
    2. Change the day and time the lesson is conducted (subjected to tutor’s schedule).
    3. Add or skip a lesson.
    4. Register a new subject or stop a current lesson.

    You cannot change:
    1. The area where a lesson is conducted for home tuition.
    2. The hourly tuition fee rate agreed.
    3. Per Lesson fixed for 2 hours

  • Tutorland connect passionate educators with parents and students who seek for tutoring services. 
    Tutorland is for both full-time tutors who wish to grow their career as personal educator and for part-time tutors who want to utilise their time and knowledge to earn extra. 
    With standardized rating and review system, booking experience and payment method, we assure that every Tutorland tutor is in an even and competitive platform. We believe in your success is our success.

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