How much salary do I get? 

How much salary do I get? 

1) Physical Class (First RM500 Tutor Fee)

  • Primary1-6: RM16.80/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM18.80/hour, Form4-5/SPM: RM21.20/hour, IGCSE & O level: RM23.20/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM26.80/hour, Diploma: RM30.00/hour, Degree: RM33.60/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM40.00/hour

2) Online Class (First RM500 Tutor Fee)

  • Primary1-6: RM10.00/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM12.00/hour, Form4-5/SPM/IGCSE/o-level: RM14/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM15.20/hour, Diploma: RM16.00/hour, Degree: RM17.20/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM20.00/hour

3) Physical Class (From the RM501 Tutor Fee onward)

  • Primary1-6: RM35.28/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM39.48/hour, Form4-5/SPM: RM44.52/hour, IGCSE: RM48.72/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM56.28/hour, Diploma: RM63.00/hour, Degree: RM70.56/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM84/hour

4) Online Class (From the RM501 Tutor Fee onward)

  • Primary1-6: RM21.00/hour, Form1-3/PT3: RM25.20/hour, Form4-5/SPM/IGCSE: RM29.4/hour, Pre-U/STPM/A-Level: RM31.92/hour, Diploma: RM33.60/hour, Degree: RM36.12/hour, ACCA/CIMA/Law Subject: RM42.00/hour

This may be subjected to change based on seasonal demand, subject popularity and tutor density in an area. The payout gives all tutors an equal chance to teach with Tutorland and provides
us an opportunity to identify passionate tutors, which we will be building a long term strategic partnership with them.

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